National: UDI nominees vying for the Constitutional Council aim to abolish presidential pardons

A group of candidates from UDI for the Constitutional Council have expressed their intention to remove the power of the president to grant pardons. This comes after President Gabriel Boric issued several pardons, prompting the UDI candidates to ask that the power be eliminated from the new Constitution. Rodrigo Delgado, a former minister and candidate, argued that such decisions undermine the goal of promoting security. Other political parties responded differently to the UDI’s request, with the candidate of PPD stating that the power should be modified instead of eliminated. In the meantime, the Expert Commission has received the National Prosecutor, who stressed the importance of keeping the institution’s autonomy.

A group of UDI candidates for the Constitutional Council announced that they will seek to eliminate the presidential power to grant pardons.

After the pardons granted by the president, Gabriel Boric, a group of UDI candidates for the Constitutional Council, They advanced that they will request that this presidential power be eliminated from the new Constitution.

After delivering a letter in La Moneda, the applicants asked the president to refrain from doing so again, until the constituent process is finished.

The former minister and candidate, Rodrigo Delgado, argued that these types of decisions go in the opposite direction to the aspect that they most seek to relieve, security.

In the other pacts they reacted differently to this request from the UDI. In the case of Todos por Chile, the candidate of the PPD, Marco Antonio Núñez maintained that this power must be modified and not eliminated; However, in Unidad Para Chile, the candidate for the Democratic Revolution, Paloma Zúñiga, said that the contingency cannot influence the constitutional debate.

On the other hand, the Expert Commission received, yesterday afternoon, the National Prosecutor, Ángel Valencia, who spoke for more than two hours before the 24 representatives.

The leader of Public ministrystressed the importance of maintaining the total autonomy of the institution, opened to the creation of an Ombudsman for Victims and proposed modifications to the selection system.

Regarding independence, Valencia exemplified its relevance.

This morning, the Expert Commission will receive the President of the Supreme Court, Juan Eduardo Fuentes, to publicize the aspects that must be taken into account regarding the discussion on the Judiciary.

In summary, the group of UDI candidates for the Constitutional Council has publicly announced their intention to seek the elimination of the presidential power to grant pardons. They urge President Gabriel Boric to refrain from exercising this power until the constituent process is finished. The stance of other political pacts towards this request varies. As the Expert Commission continues to receive various representatives, the importance of maintaining autonomy and independence in institutions is highlighted, as well as the need for modifications and improvements in their selection systems. This ongoing discussion reflects the intricate nature of constitutional reform and the many aspects that must be considered.

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