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need to work on bowling and fielding, says skipper Rohit Sharma

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Hyderabad: India’s T20 series against Australia was considered as a test before the World Cup. The series against South Africa is now India’s next test venue before the World Cup. In the first match against Australia, despite scoring over 200, the bowlers failed to defend it. India then won two matches and captured the series.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma says that whatever was going on in his mind, he was able to reflect almost everything on the ground. The captain says that he has largely succeeded in implementing the ideas on the field and admits that there are some areas for improvement.

‘We got everything we wanted from the series. There are some areas where the team needs to improve. But overall it was a good series for the team. The team wants to perform well in all areas. The excellence in bowling and fielding still needs to rise. You have to work hard for it.’

“The team’s batting was brilliant in the last eight or nine matches played after the Asia Cup. But still needs to be more clinical and aggressive in batting. The team wants to keep aggressive and move forward.’

‘Bowling and fielding needs to be given a lot of attention. In these two areas, the focus is on regaining excellence by working hard. Rohit stated that the team is currently giving more attention to improving bowling than batting.

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