Neighboring France: A Léman Express train sprays a van


The driver of a utility vehicle failed to free his machine from the tracks. A convoy rammed it. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

A Léman Express train crashed into a van on a level crossing, Monday around 8:30 p.m., in Ayze (Haute-Savoie / F), about twenty kilometers from the Franco-Geneva border. The driver of the utility vehicle failed to free his vehicle which was skating on the rails, according to testimonies quoted by the “Dauphine Libere“. The man was able to leave the cockpit before the collision with the convoy, which linked Saint-Gervais to Annemasse. The train failed to stop in time. Fortunately, the accident caused no injuries.

The shock totally destroyed the van, which was thrown 50 meters away, while a fire broke out under the Léman Express motor car. The fire is probably linked to the electric batteries of the utility vehicle: they apparently got stuck under the convoy. The collision mobilized around 40 firefighters. Traffic on the line was able to resume normally on Tuesday.

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