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2024-04-19 19:40:11

For the first time in the history of Autoreview testing – a Chinese coupe! Monotonous crossovers, sophisticated liftbacks, sometimes beautiful sedans and even HiPhi Z…All this has happened, but never in a classic sports car. Two-door cars are a thing of the past all over the world; Did Hozon Auto make a mistake with the Neta GT model? After all, even traditional players are reducing their activities in this area: production of Jaguar F-Type sports cars at the Castle Bromwich plant will cease in June. It now begins its farewell tour in the Autoreview comparison tests.

GOODHis indignation on this subject can be heard from afar. Let’s not have an F-Type R with a five-liter supercharged engine, each wake-up of which raises a few neighboring areas. But the S version with a three-liter V6 and a drive compressor growls as it should, without becoming grotesque. I remember well comparison ten years ago, when the Erka got lost among its competitors. The Chevrolet Corvette was superior in terms of shocking performance, while the Porsche 911 and BMW M4 handled much more precisely. Suddenly, the role of a street tyrant in relation to the Jaguar left me indifferent.

The three-liter supercharged engine drives happily and brightly, but is not particularly reliable

Although I certainly paid tribute to its memorable appearance and original interior with beautiful hard chairs. As soon as you cross this aluminum threshold beam, as soon as you fall somewhere, you immediately feel a special atmosphere! And the huge hood is the largest piece of aluminum in the entire automotive industry. There’s no doubt that the Jaguar F-Type is a car with a strong personality. Exactly what we want in a two door.

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