Netflix’s Controversial Marketing Stunt: The Phallic Obelisk and ‘Sex Education’ Series

2023-09-22 20:19:52


However, this time it was a much more trivial event that once again used the most recognized symbol of the city of Buenos Aires as a phallic element.

Because, as is already common in CABA, the administration of its Head of Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta rents public spaces to companies to promote products, or as in this case, a British audiovisual production.

Did he do it this time?

As the numbers that Buenos Aires would have charged Netflix for such a public intervention were not revealed, doubts about what was observed began to float.

The reality was that the video was made by software animation, and was not real like on other occasions.


“Sex Education” is a fiction in chapters starring teenagers in their last years of high school (although its actors are around 26 years old), who in their hormonal awakening begin to relate through sexual therapy that the protagonist offers to his classmates. , Otissince his mother is precisely a therapist in that field.

The season launched by Netflix this Thursday worldwide, already finds the protagonists starting life at the “College” (a university of liberal arts or humanities), continuing with its inclination to the theme of sex, although more explicit than in the previous seasons for supposedly being almost of age.

The Obelisk condomwhich also had the graph of ‘Sex Education’ y de Netflixcompletely represents the disruptive spirit of English fiction, although it was not a novelty for the people of Buenos Aires who, as has been said, usually observe that landscape that matches the monument located there since 1936, with the male virile member every first of December.

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The Guest Foundationspecialized in the fight against HIV AIDS, also humorously posted the moment on the networks.

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