Netrebko, who satisfied foreign bosses, showed a man between her legs

Curious footage with Anna Netrebko appeared on the Web. The artist managed to “sit on two chairs.”

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This spring, 2022, opera diva Anna Netrebko found herself in a difficult situation. Foreign bosses put pressure on the vocalist, demanding to publicly condemn the special operation to save the Donbass. The artist was even punished for indecision and silence on the Ukrainian issue, depriving her of contracts with the world’s most prestigious venues. Netrebko eventually gave up and complied with the leadership’s demand, albeit with some reservations. Anna stated that she would continue to try to “sit on these two chairs”. Say, she does not turn away from Russia and does not oppose Ukraine. The vocalist chose to “remain human.”

I must say that the position “both ours and yours” turned out to be very beneficial for Netrebko. On the one hand, the opera diva satisfied foreign employers, on the other hand, she retained the loyalty of Russian fans. Probably, in the future, when the political situation returns to normal, she will continue to cooperate with festivals and concert venues in the Russian Federation.

Now Anna Netrebko is actively touring. On November 24, 26 and 29, the star will perform in the Argentine capital, and in December, the beautiful brunette will delight the inhabitants of Paris with her vocals. In a personal microblog, Netrebko boasts of footage from a concert in Buenos Aires. In the published video, Anna, in the form of Floria Tosca, kills her tormentor, Baron Vitellio Scarpia. The actress stands on the stage in a luxurious dress, clutching a bloody knife in her hands. A man lies on the floor between Netrebko’s legs. “He’s dead,” Anna says with all her might in Italian.

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