New advice from the Superior Health Council: “Be careful with hair dryers and no longer use hand dryers in toilets”

In addition, the Supreme Court also emphasizes in the new advice the importance of good ventilation, especially during this cold winter period. The Council is already anticipating possible relaxation, whereby more indoor activities can be allowed again, while the danger of contagious virus variants lurks around the corner. “That is why it is all the more important to ventilate indoor spaces as well as possible, if we want to avoid new upsets.”

The Superior Health Council is also looking at government buildings for this. The Council “strongly recommends that the government provide for the installation of a ventilation system that complies with current standards for any building where a significant number of people have to stay for a long time”.

In the absence of basic ventilation according to the standards, as is the case in most schools, open windows are the only way to get better ventilation, the Council still prescribes. The windows must also be left open constantly, because they “opening them briefly is only effective for the rapid removal of pollutants, but not for continuous ventilation”. So ventilation remains the message, even if it is cold outside.

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