New and terrifying predictions of the famous clairvoyant Laila Abdel Latif .. A nuclear strike will turn a country into ashes, a deadly epidemic is coming, and an earthquake with a ruthless tsunami will destroy a superpower

After the expectations of the Lebanese fortune-teller, Laila Abdel Latif, many of which were fulfilled, Laila Abdel Latif returns again with new expectations about the Arab world and Yemen.

Laila Abdul Latif said that Yemen will witness peace and stability in the next stage and a cessation of war, and Yemen will enter the Gulf Cooperation Council in the future and the conditions of Yemenis will improve.

It also expected a Kuwaiti-Chinese alliance and China would lead its interests between the Gulf and Iran, and there would be Arab visits to Iran, in addition to its expectation of forming a joint Arab military alliance among all Arab countries, which is already beginning to show its features. The Jordanian king announced that an Arab NATO will be formed led by Saudi Arabia.

She expected great progress in Egypt on the military and economic levels and the improvement of Egyptian-Turkish relations. She had expected Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and an improvement in relations, as she expected mourning in Morocco, war in Sudan, protests and chaos in Tunisia.

And about her expectations for the Arab world and the world, Laila Abdel Latif predicted that a terrifying earthquake would occur in the United States of America, and it would be the biggest disaster to hit her.

It will cause many victims and destruction, and the eyes will be directed towards the sea, alluding to the possibility of a tsunami, and the terrifying scenes from the natural disaster films that people have seen will be a reality in America, as I expected that a meteor or a comet would strike an area located between America and neighboring countries.

The Lebanese fortune-teller predicted the emergence of a dangerous epidemic in a country and this country will be isolated and will be similar to ghost towns.

She also expected the emergence of a very dangerous bacterial weapon that moves quickly through the air and the outbreak of a dangerous epidemic in Germany, noting that Laila Abdel-Latif had expected the spread of the Corona virus before its appearance and the emergence of monkey root disease at the beginning of the year, as she said that an epidemic related to monkeys would appear.

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