New boyfriend Sony Sparks went over to Ulyana Kutuzova

About a week lasted the new relationship of the rocker Sonya, who brought her ex-boyfriend Anton to the project, with the condition that she gives him the last chance. Relationships in a new pair of TV sets began with a scandal, a scandal and ended. First Alexey Adeev smashed the guy’s face, for which he sat in the isolation ward, which we wrote about in the sloka. Then Sonya Sparks’ new boyfriend went over to Ulyana Kutuzova, saying that he would look after the mother of House 2 with many children.

Reality show hosts appointed fatal beauty liberated Sonya, but it turned out that the restrained and rather closed Ulyana attracts the attention of men. At the same time, Ulyana herself likes Artyom Grant, and Ilya Rybakov also takes care of her, who is ready to help her raise children. But Ilya Kutuzova is only annoying.

It is around Kutuzova that conversations have been going on all last week, to whom she will finally give preference and whether she will wait for her ex-husband to come to the project. As well as around Sonya, who said that Anton has his own interest in staying on a television project. But how can a 23-year-old well-mannered guy with a model appearance survive in a team?

Starting from the evening broadcast of house 2 on 05/29/2022, the participants began to provoke Anton in order to kick him out of the gate. How long do you think he’ll last on the reality show? And why did Sonya, not having time to bring Anton, started talking about wanting to invite her ex-boyfriend to the TV show? How many former ones she had outside the perimeter, would it be enough to replace all the inhabitants of the men’s bedroom?

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