New crown pneumonia | 16 more diagnoses today 5 unknown source St. Paul’s Co-educational School dormitory, St. Paul College teachers and students must be compulsory testing (16:41)-20210307-Hong Kong News-Real Time News

Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection, said that one of the confirmed cases was a student from St. Paul’s Co-educational High School, who lived in the dormitory of St. Paul’s Co-educational High School on McDonald Road. Students living on the same floor must be sent for quarantine and the entire dormitory must be tested. . Another related case was confirmed by a student who was studying at St. Paul’s College in Bonham Road. He went to school during the contagious period. He went to school last on March 3 and tested positive on March 5. Teachers and students of the school are required to undergo mandatory testing. The above two cases are a pair of brothers.

Cases of unknown origin:

.An office worker in Jingrui Plaza, Shimen, Shatin, and several colleagues need to submit for inspection

. A 32-year-old male computer programmer works in a company called UNDONE on the 4th floor of No. 2 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. The last day of work is the 1st of this month. More than a dozen colleagues are subject to quarantine.The patient went to the Pei Ho Street Market during the incubation period. He went to the K11 MUSEA theater in Tsim Sha Tsui to watch the show on February 26 and used the bathroom on the 4th floor.

.Real Estate Broker: Work for a real estate company on the ground floor of Block B, Metro City Building, North Point. Several colleagues are required to be quarantined

.Workers on the three-track airport site: no symptoms, responsible for the unmanned train and luggage conveying tunnel project (Project 3801), more than 30 colleagues must be quarantined, and hundreds of people in the same project must be subject to mandatory testing

.A retiree

Residential address reported in cases of unknown origin (mandatory testing required):

.Starfish Court Taikoo Shing, Quarry Bay

.256-258 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po

.Block 1, Haifeng Garden, Wah King Hill Road, Kwai Chung

.Kam Yi House, Kam Ying Court, Ma On Shan

.Cheong Yuen Building, Yin Chow Street, Sham Shui Po

Compulsory testing locations involving related cases:

.St. Paul’s Co-educational School Dormitory, McDonald Road

.St. Paul’s College, Bonham Road

Coronavirus Correlation Report:

A floor in the Chao Court of Starlight House is initially diagnosed and temporarily suspended from business today

List of Mandatory Inspection Buildings and Workplaces (Updated on March 6)

List of people who have been diagnosed in the past 7 days who have visited restaurants, markets, shopping malls and hotels

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