New Damage System, Modular Vehicles, and More: The Latest Updates Unveiled!

2023-07-06 14:20:21

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! We break the middle of the week with an update! New damage system, a step forward in the development of modular vehicles and more. Try it!

We teased it a bit and now it’s here. In addition to the metabolic system and one more thing to watch out for. You can now take burn damage. So don’t expect that you can do things like the one in the picture now.

Depending on the temperature of the heat source and the duration of contact with it, corresponding burns occur. These sores can also spread quickly. So if you’re not careful, you’re in big trouble.

As with other types of wounds, there are varying degrees of severity and symptoms that will occur if not treated properly.

C1 (First degree burns) – Decreased DEX. C2 (Second degree burns) – Decreased DEX, weakness. C3 (Third degree burns) – Decreased DEX, weakness, dizziness.

But don’t worry friends! We wouldn’t worry you any more if you didn’t have the means to treat it.

Introducing the Brand Gel. There are 2: one to loot and one to craft. If you have a burn injury, you should apply the gel so that your wounds stabilize more quickly.

Oh, now that we’ve added burns as well, we can now activate another one of the new mech’s weapons too, good luck!

A big leap forward on the modular vehicle front. The modular vehicle damage is now complete. Yes, it’s finally here and it’s big news. Needless to say you can no longer drive your car off the cliff and everything stays fine. In return, the vehicles now have more detachable parts that can be damaged individually.

You can now strip your vehicle naked and still drive it around if you want a cool breeze in your hair or an apocalyptic feel in the vehicle. But remember: no door, no lock.

So be careful with your car and keep an eye out for extra parts. Another big innovation that this update brings, is the return of all old vehicles. But more on that in the future.

Oh yes, and you can run over puppets or other players again, rejoice!

We also added some new items. Here’s what you can find, or rather, craft.

Yes, it is a prison island after all. And every good prison needs a few stabbing weapons. Got some glass lying around and no knife handy? Well now you have one.

Should be released with the last patch, but unfortunately wasn’t ready yet. But that’s it now, so there you go. Here you have another battery charger available for building.

Fixed an issue where battery charges had no weight.Fixed an issue with some items showing the wrong icons.Fixed an issue where some air drops gave the wrong items.Several vehicle battery drain issues have been fixed.Fixed an issue where on private servers where the time of day and weather settings were customized, the settings were not applied correctly.Fixed the issue of some crafting recipes not applying the ingredients correctly.It fixed an issue where it was not possible to sell battery chargers.Fixed an issue where it was not possible to fill containers that had already spawned empty.Fixed an issue where rain collectors were automatically dumped when placed in the were taken by hand.Fixed the issue that an option to remove the BCU lock was displayed even though the BCU lock was not present.Fixed the issue with the F interaction panel sometimes not working.Fixed an issue , where the moisture rate of items would not update correctly if the item was under a BB blueprint. Fixed incorrect labels and descriptions on some items. Fixed an issue where tobacco plants would not grow properly. The issue that Vampyr scope not turning on properly if you aim too quickly after turning it on.Fixed the issue where refilling blueprints didn’t give any experience points.Fixed the issue that players who looked directly at blueprints would not get experience when Opening the TAB menu did not get a cursor.Fixed an issue where lighting a rolled cigarette used the wrong texture and icon.Fixed an issue where the car lights stayed on when the car battery was removed.An issue fixed where the lantern could not be filled with gas.Fixed a client crash related to player exhaustion.Fixed the issue that some resources can be refilled when players are out of range.The Fixed an issue where you couldn’t fill some containers with water from wells or streams. Fixed the crash issue where an attached BCU lock would fall apart. Fixed an issue where the vehicle headlights would not turn on and off when when they should, and where the headlights didn’t drain the car battery. Adjusted expiration rates for some ingredients.Mechs now drop killbox cards.Killbox cards can now also be looted in AirDrops.Server admins can now add killbox cards to vendor shops.locked medicine cabinets now guarantee at least 1 item.locked Medicine cabinets now have antibiotics in their spawn pool. In-game time also now has a chat notification for the player checking the clock. CRAP ammo can now damage mechs. Ability for players to open the chat box when they are in the minigame UI has been disabled. Wooden crossbow bolts no longer spawn. NVG goggles can no longer be used with scopes.Added a hotkey to turn on the Vampyr scope, the default is CTRL+N.You can no longer add holster weapons (weapons on the back) to quick access.Improved the starting performance of dedicated servers with a large number of items.The volume of NVG activation has been adjusted.The lock protection (zapper) now requires batteries.The required skill for crafting battery chargers has been adjusted. Purchasing vehicle attachments on mechanical lifts now has the same fame point limit as manual purchase.Removed Samobor fog by day.

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