New developments regarding the plane whose pilot threatened to crash it in a famous store in America, revealing his fate and his first photo

Exclusive translation: The plane has now crashed several hours later in a field after the pilot was threatening to crash it at a Wal-Mart store in the US state of Mississippi.

The pilot is believed to have been detained by the Benton County Police Department, and reports from the scene indicate that the plane appears to have sustained minor damage after being grounded more than four hours after takeoff.

The Daily Mail reports that the pilot, a 29-year-old student, stole the plane, threatened to crash into Mississippi Wal-Mart Lands safely and was taken into custody – after terrorizing residents for five hours and posting a ‘goodbye’ message on social media while still in the air.

And she continued, “Cory Patterson, 29, boarded the plane from Tupelo Airport at about 5 a.m. and has been flying in circles across Mississippi for the past five hours.”

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