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“Evil Castle 2” actor Leon‧S‧Kennedy, with the community meme “man with a high salary” is very active in series and animation, and “Evil Castle 4” (Resident Evil RE:4 ) is his famous battle. In the remake released this year, the Capcom team also added a brand new easter egg, allowing Leon to use a more intelligent way to skip the villager siege in the first chapter.

As early as 2005, the first level obstacle in “Evil Castle 4” was the siege of villagers. Although on the surface you can use stealth assassination tactics, most players will be discovered and fall into the predicament of being encircled and suppressed. help absolutely. This infamous battle is also staged in the “RE4” remake.

However, recently, players have discovered a new easter egg, that is, in fact, this battle can be skipped more easily, and even only one bullet is needed (the premise is that you must shoot accurately), that is, to ring the church bell, The cutscene animation for the end of the battle is triggered.

In terms of mechanism, the villager siege battle in the first chapter is actually a timed survival battle. Players are forced to survive for a certain period of time before the battle ends. Knowing that even if Leon is a man who can block a chainsaw with a knife, the knife will break.

However, the fight can be forcibly ended by firing a gun and ringing the church bell, which is good news for many players, and is even a great mechanic for SpeedRun players, and shows that the Capcom team is remaking the game Attention.


Of course, in fact, on the occasion of the Demo trial version, there are models made by players.“Canceling Church Bells”Mod, which turns the village siege battle in the first chapter into an infinite survival battle, so as to prolong the fighting fun of “RE4”.

As for ringing the church bell, the best location should be the roof of the second floor of the village chief’s house. Usually, the second-week player can use the spinel to exchange for a high-power scope and use a rifle to ring it. If you use the initial pistol, it may depend on your personal accuracy. up.

“Evil Castle 4 Remake” was launched on March 24, and received overwhelming praise on Steam. If PC players want to install interesting mods, they can go to Nexusmods Forum reference.

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