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Facts and chronology of Park Boram’s death (Instagram)

The South Korean entertainment world is in deep sadness. One of the famous singers, Park Boram, passed away on Thursday (11/4) Korean time. Park Boram, who was famous as a participant in the show Superstar K2, left this world at the age of 30.

“Park Bo Ram suddenly left us on the evening of April 11. Our hearts are deeply disturbed as we convey this sudden news to her fans. Arrangements for tributes and funeral processions will be scheduled after discussions with the singer’s family.”

On Friday (12/4) morning, police from South Namyangju also issued a statement regarding Park Boram’s death.

Referring to a report from Chosun Ilbo, police stated that the singer was found unconscious in the bathroom after attending a drinking event with two friends.

Chronology of Park Boram’s Death

The following is the sequence of events that occurred before Park Boram was declared dead. Park Boram met with her two friends on Thursday night (11/4) at around 09.55 local time.

At that time, Park Boram and her friends were drinking together. However, in the middle of the event, Park Boram left her two friends to go to the bathroom.

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He didn’t come back from the bathroom for a long time, which made his two friends suspicious. After that, one of her friends approached Park Boram in the bathroom.

He was shocked to see that the singer was unconscious, lying in front of the bathroom sink.

Then, his friend immediately called the emergency number. They tried to give Park Boram CPR, but unfortunately there was no response from her.

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Not long after, the emergency response team arrived and took Park Boram to Hanyang University Hospital in Guri.

However, unfortunately, Park Boram was declared dead at 23.17.

Currently, the authorities plan to carry out further investigations to find out the cause of Park Bo Ram’s death. (Z-10)

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