New Generation Drugs Approved to Treat Lymphoma and Blood Cancer

2023-12-01 18:10:00

Written by Amal Allam Friday, December 1, 2023 08:10 PM Dr. Safaa Ramadan, Professor of Hematology Oncology, said:National Cancer InstituteDirector of Research at the Discovery Center in Cambridge, England, said during the National Cancer Institute conference, which will conclude this evening in Cairo, that there is a new generation of drugs that have been approved to treat lymphoma and multiple lymphoma (blood cancer) in the advanced stages of the disease.

She added: These drugs work by stimulating the patient’s immune system to recognize tumor cells to fight cancer, and 3 types of them have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

She said that it treats two of the most common types of lymphoma, and multiple lymphoma (blood cancer), as well, explaining that there are two other types of treatment that will be approved and launched within months.

She added: These drugs allow antibodies to recognize cancer cells, and also to recognize immune cells in the immune system, and this depends on the immune system recognizing cancer cells by approaching them without requiring many steps, and this leads to fighting the tumor, and 3 have been approved. Medications, which can be used in advanced stages of the disease.

She said that this opens the way for treating patients in advanced stages of the disease by giving the drug intravenously or by subcutaneous injection, which is a dream come true because these patients had no treatment before, and 50% of patients remain in response for more than a year. And a half or two years, as patients improve on these medications and open the way for other treatments that can be taken, and the disease may not return again, and it represents a breakthrough in the treatment of blood and lymph node tumors.

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It is noteworthy that the conference was attended by a number of international and Egyptian experts in the field of oncology, and presidential initiatives in the field of combating breast, prostate, lung, colon and cervical cancers were reviewed.

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