New heavy Russian attacks on Kherson

According to the regional military administration, the Russian army has shelled the Kherson region, which was recaptured from Ukrainian troops, more than 50 times today. Military governor Yaroslav Yanushevich today accused Russia of terror and targeted attacks on civilians. On Telegram he reported one dead and two injured.

Shells would also have hit residential buildings. Several towns along the north-west bank of the Dnipro River are under fire. The information was not independently verifiable.

Hardly any electricity in the city

The situation in the city of Kherson is critical also because of the destruction of power lines and infrastructure. According to the military administration, households are gradually being reconnected to the power grid. Five percent of the residents would have light in their apartments again. A hospital has electricity again.

Because of the difficult situation, the Ukrainian government took the first civilians out of the recaptured city a few days ago. Around 100 people were taken by train to Khmelnytskyi in the west of the country.

Under pressure from Ukrainian attacks, Russian troops evacuated Cherson after more than eight months of occupation in mid-November. According to experts, the Russian attacks on civilian buildings and infrastructure most likely violate international law.

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