New high! Oil prices on Thursday raise tension in the Middle East. Here are the prices

2024-01-05 03:06:01

Early transactions today, Thursday, January 4, 2024, witnessed a new rise in oil prices, with Middle Eastern countries fearing a halt to supplies due to the cessation of Libyan field production and the escalation of ongoing war events in various countries.

This morning, Brent crude oil rose to record a price of 75.89 US dollars per barrel, and West Texas Intermediate crude also rose to record a price of 70.38 US dollars per barrel.

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The average price of diesel with 1% sulfur concentration today reached $464.75 per ton, with experts expecting it to continue rising during the coming period as a result of the current situation and unrest in the region, especially the current situation between the Houthis and Yemen and their control of fuel crossings in the world.

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