new photos without clothes, are going around the web, it creates controversy once again!

Far from being cold in the eyes, Jade Hallyday shows her summer wardrobe to her fans. Between the bravo and the critics, she has a lot to manage!

Welcome to Jade Hallyday’s funny Instagram account

Photos that say it all

At just sixteen, Jade Hallyday does a lot more. It must be said that she knows exactly which piece of clothing to choose. Colorful, indented or quite simply adapted to its model size, it has more than one trick up its sleeve. Also, as soon as a ray of sunshine appears, she takes the opportunity to go resources. Far from the Parisian crowd, the small family lives between the United States and Saint-Barthélémy. And it is not the coronavirus epidemic that will sow discord in her daily life as a teenager.

Since the death of his adoptive father, we have heard a lot about his succession. After three years of incessant conflict, calm seems to be returning. It is therefore quite logical that Jade Hallyday takes advantage of this lull. So she also shares this with her followers who react to the slightest publication. Everyone has their own little commentary. Yet more and more negatives are appearing. Does it have the maturity to react? Not so sure. Considering that she posts regularly, one wonders what is her primary objective. Give news or show how much nature has spoiled him?

For or against?

When we look at them too quickly, we realize that Jade Hallyday’s attitudes resemble that of an adult. In fact, her adoptive mother Laetitia makes sure that she does not negative. However. The absence of a man permanently in the home must cause some loss of bearings. This is why calls to order on his way of behaving arise. It is clear that all the fans of the illustrious family react to the quarter of a hundredth of a turn. No question of breaking his heart!

After all, we all remember that pivotal period of adolescence. If she does not know very well what tomorrow will bring, Jade Hallyday tries to enjoy to the maximum… with the means at hand. So she brushes aside all troublemakers and prefers to focus on praise! And they never fail!

As proof, to date, the photo has gathered almost 13,000 likes. Even if this is not her record, Jade Hallyday knows that she can count on their support to defend her against all odds. Despite the distance, a great bond is formed between her and the Instagram community! Hope it lasts !

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