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Players can in New Pokémon Snap explore the natural surroundings of the Lentil region and uncover the mystery of the Lumina phenomenon. The Pokémon Company revealed with a new trailer that New Pokémon Snap on April 30, 2021 exclusively for consoles of the Nintendo Switch-Family appears. From today trainers can New Pokémon Snap already in Nintendo eShop pre-order. More information about the game can be found here:

In New Pokémon Snap players are invited to explore the picturesque islands of the Lentil region. The unspoiled nature of this area has everything from dense jungles to vast deserts. Numerous Pokémon that are just waiting to be discovered are at home here. As a budding photographer, players go into New Pokémon Snap on an expedition to photograph the wild Pokémon that go about their everyday lives in Lentil. They are supported by Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita.

An expedition into the wilderness of the Lentil region may sound intimidating at first, but the Neo-One gets players safely from island to island. During an exploration, this vehicle takes over the navigation of the different stretches of the islands so that players can focus their full attention on taking the perfect photos.

The Lentil region is teeming with wild Pokémon that can be seen in their natural habitats. Some of them live in groups and roam their territory, while others roam alone, fly through the air or play with other Pokémon. Players can interact with Pokémon by throwing them a velvet apple, a delicious fruit from the Lentil region. This way you can attract their attention or watch them finish the snack. Velvet apples are also a good way to lure Pokémon to certain places and thus observe them in different situations. In addition, a glow can sometimes be observed in plants and Pokémon in Lentil. This strange phenomenon is known as the “Lumina phenomenon” and is only found in the Lentil region. It’s time to step into the dependable Neo-One and uncover the mystery of this phenomenon!

After each expedition, Professor Mirror assesses the players’ photos. The rating depends on the pose of the Pokémon as well as its size, line of sight and position in the picture. As players explore, they will discover entirely new forms of expression and behavior for Pokémon. You will have to take lots of photos to fill your Pokémon Fotodex with your favorite snapshots.

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