New positive case in Madeira and another suspect awaits results for two days –

There is a new positive case detected in Madeira. This is a passenger who arrived this Saturday in the Region and who, in the context of surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport, ended up confirming the infection with the new coronavirus.

About this new positive case, we are talking about the 44th imported case, namely from the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region. She is a woman whose age range is between 30 and 39 years and the traveler remains confined in a residence, in the municipality of Santa Cruz, and the epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

On the other hand, regarding the suspicious case identified on July 2 (Thursday), it remains under study by the regional health authorities, awaiting definitive laboratory results. This traveler remains confined to a residence in the municipality of Funchal, says IASaúde.

In total, the Region currently records 93 confirmed cases of covid-19, of which 90 are recovered cases and three are active cases. In all, 3,019 people are being monitored by the health authorities of the various counties, now using a ‘MadeiraSafetoDiscover’ application, 319 of these people are under active surveillance.

The demand for the lines created under the Contingency Plan

The total number of services provided by the IASAUDE psychological support line (291 212 399) is now 1,544, with 150 people being monitored by the professionals of this Institute. Contacts for the SRS24 Line (800 24 24 20) total 9,175, plus 38 calls in the last 24 hours.

Regarding other tests for COVID-19 screening carried out, it is noted that, with regard to the total of tests to covid-19 carried out in Madeira, 24,684 samples were processed (until the end of the 3rd of July). In the context of the operation of screening travelers at the entrance to Madeira Airport, there is a cumulative total of 1,668 harvests for testing the covid-19 carried out on site.

Until 4 pm on Friday and in just three days a total of 957 people were subjected to the collection of samples at the airports in the Region


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