New Razer mask looks like a video game

Razer is actually known from the field of gaming equipment, but the manufacturer has now presented a mask concept at CES 2021. Somehow that also looks like a video game.

What kind of concept is that? On the occasion of CES 2021, Razer has already presented a lot. The neuen Gaming-Notebooks for example, or a futuristic concept of a gaming chair.

Just as unusual as the chair in question is the new concept from Razer – a mask called “Project Hazel”. But it doesn’t look like the classic “mouth and nose protection”, but rather something that you can find in The Division 2 wearing.

This is what the mask concept looks like

This is Project Hazel

Why a mask? Project Hazel is a face mask that Razer is designing in response to the current pandemic. Razer has already been involved in this regard and wants to pursue this with the new concept, according to a statement from the manufacturer: “This initiative is now being continued with the reusable Project Hazel Smart Mask. The face mask meets the higher hygiene standards and prevents unexpected health risks and environmental problems of disposable masks, while it improves the properties of a reusable mask for personal protection. “

Maske Division
This is what masks look like in division

What is this “Smart Mask”? Apart from the fact that “Project Hazel” looks like it came straight out of a video game, the self-proclaimed “Worlds Smartest Mask” is said to have a few special properties. Among other things, it should offer medical N95 respiratory protection, which comes with rechargeable and removable fans. These so-called “smart pods” are supposed to filter out 95% of the particles in the air.

In order to reuse them, they can be placed in a charging box in which the fans are to be disinfected using UV light: “The water-repellent, scratch-resistant mask is as high-quality as it is sustainable – made of recyclable plastic to minimize the waste produced by disposable masks to reduce ”, so the description.

Project Hazel
The lighting should be able to be adjusted

What else can the mask do? In addition, the see-through design should reveal the wearer’s face. In the dark, lighting can be activated automatically to enable facial expressions in all lighting conditions. The lighting of the mask should also be freely adjustable in color, depending on which style you prefer.

But these are not the only technical components in the mask: There should also be a voice amplifier whose microphone picks up your own voice and reproduces it directly. This is to circumvent the attenuation of the voice.

According to the current status, the mask is only a prototype, whether and when it will really be available to buy (and then also: at what price) is still completely open.

How do you see the project? Exciting development, or rather technical gimmicks that belong more to games like “The Division”? Speaking of “The Division”: The creators of the game are now busy with a whole new project.

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