New Regulations: Slot Machines with Identity Card Readers to Protect Minors and Combat Gambling Addiction

2023-10-02 05:57:26

Slot machines installed at newsagents will soon have to be equipped with an identity card reader in order to protect minors and people suffering from gambling addiction, the Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne, announced on Monday. .

Measures have already been taken to prevent these businesses from becoming the cover of games rooms, in particular by imposing a sufficient supply of press, a minimum turnover from the sale of newspapers and a maximum amount that can be bet by a player.

A study by the Gambling Commission shows that betting is very popular among young adults. More than half of those surveyed indicated that they had gambled in the previous three years, a proportion that rose to 65% among young adults. And among them, one in ten bets every day, which can be compared to an addiction.

The identity card reader will automatically exclude minors and people who are on the EPIS (Excluded Persons Information System) list established by the Gaming Commission and which includes the names of people prohibited from gambling, i.e. some 180,000 people.

The project also enshrines in law the publication of illegal betting sites in the Belgian Official Gazette, which will allow internet service providers to block these sites in Belgium.

The text, approved on Friday at the Council of Ministers, will be sent for opinion to the Council of State and the Data Protection Authority (APD).

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