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2023-09-27 18:39:10

Xbox consoles already received an update in September, but a new update has just been announced by Microsoft. As usual, here is the list of changes and new features to expect.

Storage of game captures is restricted on the Xbox network

Bad news: your image captures and videos stored on Xbox will no longer remain available for much longer. Microsoft seems to want to make room on its servers since the company announces a deletion of Xbox captures on the network after 90 days, or approximately three months.

You will therefore have to be careful to save your favorite captures quickly enough or risk seeing them disappear forever. To actually preserve your captures, several choices will be available to you:

Copy your images and videos to storage media Send your images and videos to OneDrive, Microsoft’s storage service

Press the Xbox button, then go to My games & apps > Apps > Captures. You will see a “Learn More” button that will get you started. You’ll also be able to configure your future captures to automatically save to OneDrive, so you never have to wonder if everything is saved correctly.

By default, a OneDrive account stores 5 GB of data. You then have to pay €20 per year to access 100 GB of storage, then €69 per year for 1 TB of online storage space.

Game events highlighted on Xbox Home

Some will see it as a new line of information, others will see it as advertising, but a new section appears on the Xbox home page. This displays live and upcoming events in games such as an event in Halo Infinite.

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Applications offered during the first Xbox configuration

When you set up a new console from the Xbox mobile app or directly on the console, you now have the option to download popular apps like Netflix, AppleTV, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Youtube and Spotify.

As the image shows, these featured apps are sponsored, meaning brands pay for Xbox to feature them during this first setup.

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