“New York Arts Abu Dhabi” holds two days of international music

2024-02-21 15:29:25

The NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center has announced two double shows featuring three groups performing on Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2, at the Red Theater.

The public can wander through the night market, which includes 40 shops offering locally made artisanal products, including handmade soap, candles, local artwork, jewelry, home decor, and pottery.

On the first day, the center will host Dina El-Wedidi (Egypt) and Samora Penderhays (USA) in an evening that embodies the rich melodic culture of Egyptian music combined with the sounds of American jazz with complex melodies in a mixture of R&B and post-rock.

On the second day, March 2, the center will host a performance by Amal Mathlouthi (Tunisia), mixing traditional Tunisian music with folk, rock and electro melodies. Amal Mathlouthi is a songwriter, composer, guitarist and singer, and one of the influential new voices in the Tunisian music scene.

At this concert, Amal will present her artistic project entitled “Everything We Looked At Was Burning,” accompanied by electronic instruments and a string quartet, including New York University Abu Dhabi music instructor Claudia Olborska Szymanska on the violin.

Bill Bragin, the center’s executive artistic director, said: “Dina El-Wedidi and Amal Mathlouthi are two of the most visionary Arab alternative music artists, creating music that explores the points of connection between musical styles. Likewise, Samora does the same with jazz, R&B, and post-rock, with his raw emotion and stances toward social justice. We are excited to see how this collision of influences and styles will impact audiences and artists alike in terms of opening new horizons.”

In addition to their groundbreaking performances, Amal Mathlouthi, Samora Penderhays, and Dina El Wedidi will each be presenting workshops for local musicians and songwriters, helping to develop their sense of musical adventure.

An interactive workshop will be held on Thursday, February 29, entitled “Music is Important” with songwriter, author, guitarist and singer Amal Mathlouthi, in which she discusses the importance of music as an effective tool and part of societal change. We can stimulate transformation and innovation for generations to come and create unique and deeply meaningful music.

A workshop will also be held, led by Samora and his band, on Saturday, March 2, entitled “Introduction to Music Composition and Making,” in which the artist discusses his style of composing and making music and songs, before cooperating with the participants to improve their compositions by focusing on the structure of the songs and the details of the composition and music, especially those that deal with topics. It concerns personal, social and political reality.

In a workshop entitled “Creative Obstacles in Music,” on March 2, Dina El-Wedidi discusses the relationship between music, the self, common struggles, and others. The workshop is based on the idea that music is human, and from here participants get to know each other as they share stories, ideas, sounds and art. Dina Al-Wadidi interacts with questions such as the importance of identity, the necessity of having a special voice, the meaning of musical styles, and creative obstacles when writing music and ways to overcome them, with the participants interacting with their musical instruments.

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