New York Jets Star Believes Play-Off Run Is Realistic Goal

Life as a New York Jets fan, at least for the past decade or so, has been hard, and any talk of a change in fortune will be taken with a massive pinch of salt by those who follow the faltering NFL team. However, it appears that, once again, optimism is high, with linebacker C.J. Mosley believing his team could make it to the playoffs this coming season.

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The Jets have suffered losing record seasons in each of the past six campaigns, though there are perhaps green shoots of progress being shown. Last season, the first under head coach Robert Saleh saw the team double their win total, albeit that simply meant an increase from a paltry two to four (and that coming in a 17-game season).

C.J. Mosley is clearly a confident player, and the 30-year-old, who joined the Jets in 2019, has set lofty goals for the 2022 season;

“No one here cares about what’s happened before,” Mosley stated.

And his confident approach was echoed by tight-end Tyler Conklin, who joined from the Minnesota Vikings in March;

“We know how good we can be and how much talent we have on this team: Our goal is to make it to the playoffs and win in the playoffs,”

“Internally, we think we can do that. Now we have to do it every week and prove it.”

The attitude shown by his players is something that has pleased general manager Joe Douglas;

“I love the confidence,”

“I feel like every player should be thinking that way. When someone like C.J. Mosley says that — he’s not a man of many words and not a man of false bravado — that carries weight.”

“I feel like we are at the doorstep of doing a lot of good things,”

In many ways, the Jets don’t have much to lose, and therefore perhaps there is a sense that a change could be on the cards.

On the ongoing discussions about who will be the Jets starting quarterback, Robert Saleh is playing his cards very close to his chest. It’s unclear whether Zach Wilson will be 100% ready to start the team’s opener on September 11th against the Baltimore Ravens and may well elect to start with backup Joe Flacco.

“I feel like we can wait until the week of [the Ravens game],” Saleh stated.

“We’ll have all those discussions. You guys should know me by now; we’re going to run our stuff, so being transparent in those situations won’t matter.” He added.

Confidence may well be high right now, but a poor start to the season may well leave the Jets in familiar territory, in other words, out of the running for anything other than yet another losing season, but if Saleh can get the most out of his group then perhaps there is light at the end of this very long tunnel.

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