Newly presented: Porsche 718 GT4 RS

EActually, passionate speed drivers should be scared and anxious when thinking about Porsche. Because the German sports car brand par excellence is now building more SUVs and sedans than flasks and has also been at the forefront of the electric revolution. But don’t worry, because in Zuffenhausen they apparently know better than anywhere else that they have to do one thing without abandoning the other, and that’s why they are pouring gallons of balm or better gasoline on the spirits of troubled petrolheads again.

While the full throttle faction with the Mission R is already attuning to an electric successor to the Cayman, they are sharpening the teeth of the current generation of the 718 and bringing the two-seater for less than modest prices of 141,338 euros as a GT4 RS with more bite than ever.

As if a high-revving, freely breathing six-cylinder with a displacement of three liters were not already antiquated and therefore attractive enough, the Swabians have increased the performance of the racing engine by another 80 hp and now put a full 500 hp in the vehicle registration document. Add to that a small deflection in the torque curve, which now peaks at 450 instead of 430 Nm, and a few kilos less – it is already the top trumpet in the car quartet. It is not for nothing that the sprint to 100 km / h can now be achieved in 3.4 seconds, and the frenzy goes up to 315 km / h. The five tenths and 13 km / h that the RS takes from the conventional GT4 are already impressive. But what makes the difference even better are the 23 seconds that racing driver Jörg Bergmeister drove out on the Nordschleife with the RS model. In a world that is usually a matter of fractions of a second, that’s half an eternity.

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The GT4 RS not only drives faster, it also looks sharper. There are side windows behind the doors, through which more air flows to the mid-engine, the aprons and sills are more impressive, and a new spoiler sits enthroned on the rear. Oh yes, and of course Porsche has lowered the Cayman by a whole three centimeters. For those who still don’t have enough bite, the GT4 RS will also be available as a club sport in the new year. Then without road approval, but with complete racing equipment – and even more high-octane balm on the souls of the terrified high-speed drivers.


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