News 24 | After the decrease in cases, will the muzzle be dispensed with? Health spokesperson answers

Today (Sunday), the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, reviewed the developments of the Corona virus pandemic and its epidemiological conditions.

He explained, during the press conference on the developments of the pandemic, that there was a decrease of more than 90% of the cases of infection that the Kingdom witnessed in the last wave, which was accompanied by a decrease in the number of critical cases, which decreased by 45% from the levels recorded in the past weeks.

When asked whether the muzzle would be dispensed with, Al-Abd Al-Aali said that this matter, like the rest of the preventive measures, is subject to evaluation to determine what new measures are commensurate with any stage the Kingdom is going through.

He added that everyone noticed the benefit of wearing masks in general, through the decrease in respiratory diseases such as influenza, which decreased in all age groups, and therefore it is important to maintain the acquired healthy habits.

He indicated that society has become aware of when to use the muzzle, stressing the need to wear it in crowded places and when in places that are not well ventilated, or when there is a respiratory show.

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