News 24 | Health clarifies the fact that a new virus is spreading

Today (Friday), the Ministry of Health revealed the fact that a new virus has emerged during these days.

The ministry indicated that there is a large group of respiratory viruses that cause colds, including a group that currently exists, which is similar to the symptoms of seasonal influenza, but with less severity.

And she indicated that there are more than 20 types of viruses that cause colds and colds, the most important of which are: the Rhino virus, which is the most common and usually spreads in the spring and autumn, and the human parainfluenza virus, which causes symptoms very similar to the symptoms of influenza, and there are 4 species of it, one of which It spreads at the beginning of the summer, and is present throughout the year.

She added that the respiratory syncytial virus is also included in the viruses that cause colds and colds; It usually affects younger people, and it may cause symptoms similar to those of asthma, and it may call for hypnosis and is present in most months of the year, but globally it increases in the fall.

She noted that there is no cure for colds, but analgesic and antipyretic drugs can be taken after consulting a doctor.


Ministry of Health

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