News 24 | Santo demands the union administration to sign this duo

Media reports revealed that the potential coach of Al-Ittihad, Portuguese Nuno Santo, had set his first demands to support the team, in preparation for the next sports season.

The sources indicated, according to the Portuguese newspaper Record, that its citizen is expected to sign his official contracts with the Federation next (Monday).

Reports indicated that Santo wants to attract two stars from the English Premier League to the ranks of the Federation, namely Senegalese Sheikh Kouyate and Portuguese Moutinho, who trained him at Wolverhampton, his former team.

She indicated that Santo wants to include the Portuguese Moutinho, and so far the federation has not made any offer for the player, but it may be negotiated with him soon.

Moutinho has not renewed his contract with Wolverhampton until this moment, and he is a free player, but there are negotiations with his English club to renew his contract.

In a related context, Kouyati has not resolved his position on the offer submitted by the federation, and there is Turkish interest in it, but Santo may intervene to persuade the player to wear the brigadier’s logo.

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