News 24 | The death of the journalist and writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan

Media professionals mourned the journalist, Sharifa Al-Shamlan, who passed away today, Thursday, and prayed for her in the Dammam cemetery.

It is noteworthy that Sharifa Al-Shamlan holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the College of Arts at the University of Baghdad, and has been a social worker until she has reached the Director General of Women’s Social Supervision in the Eastern Province for 27 years.

The deceased has many research and studies, and she has 6 story collections: Extremely Quiet, Clips from Life, Tomorrow Comes, the Last Night, City of Clouds, A Weaving Child in a River, and she was honored by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Literary Club in Riyadh, and Professor Abdul-Maqsoud Khoja’s monastery. .

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