News 24 | The family affected by the fall of the Riyadh train bridge cover: No one has contacted us and our child is undergoing psychiatric treatment

Turki Al-Asmari, the sister of the citizen, who was exposed to an accident, revealed falling cement block From one of the Riyadh train bridges, new details about the condition of her sister and her family as a result of the accident.

Al-Asmari explained to News 24“Her nephew is receiving psychological treatment that affected them, and he constantly repeats about the blood and the accident, referring to the authorities responsible for the fall of the cement block from one of the bridges of the Riyadh train, and they did not communicate with them.”

She indicated that her sister will, in the coming days, remove the surgical stitches, despite the injuries she suffers from the accident.

The Riyadh metro project had previously issued a statement regarding The fall of a concrete cover from a bridge Located on the second track, the axis of King Abdullah Road, on one of the vehicles, indicating that all necessary measures were immediately taken to ensure public safety at the site in coordination with the competent authorities and the companies responsible for implementing the project.

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