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Next-gen Echo Auto fits better in your car – Engadget

by archyde

In order to meet the convenience of users enjoying Alexa in the car, Amazon launched the first-generation Echo Auto in 2018, and won theOver a million orders. It was not until the press conference four years later that a new generation of Echo Auto was finally ushered in.

The new version of the Echo Auto is slimmer than the previous generation, and it also comes with a fixed base for added stability, just stick it where you want it. The Echo Auto itself is equipped with 5 independent microphones to accept your commands, which allows more flexibility in where it can be placed. When successfully installed, it can do everything Alexa can, including responding to your voice commands. As an Echo series, it can also play the important role of playing music, including the “Follow me” function, which allows you to Bring the music playing at home to the vehicle you are in, with navigation and hands-free calling.

“Ambient intelligence allows people to best help when they need to focus on other tasks, and nowhere is it more needed than when the user is driving,” said Heather Zorn, deputy general manager of Amazon Alexa, at the event. “Voice assistance can bring minimal disruption to car owners, allowing them to get information while keeping their eyes on the road and enjoying the fun of driving.”

Plus, the US$55 Echo Auto can notify you when your takeout order is ready, or simply call for roadside assistance (in supported countries) when you run out of gas.

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