Neymar Jr and the game with his renewal … Why hasn’t he signed it?

Neymar Jr has made all the headlines in recent weeks. Your performance with the Paris Saint-Germain in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, in which they eliminated Bayern Munich, with the leading role of the Brazilian forward. At the same time, he is negotiating his renewal with the Parisian team. He has already revealed that he wants to stay in Paris but … Why haven’t you signed the contract yet?

The truth is that in recent weeks, Neymar has been moving closer and further away from PSG. The irregularity of the Parisians, in Ligue 1, had been one of the reasons why sand he had presumed that the Brazilian ‘crack’ had intentions to pack his bags and leave the Park of the Princes. The dynamics in the league competition does not love ‘Ney’ and he ends up getting bored, hence he is not a figure and ends up being expelled in so many opportunities.

In Europe, the story is completely different. Already in the group stage he showed how good the Champions League and in the quarterfinals he has confirmed it again. He is an unstoppable, creative and imposing player, of whom it is impossible to guess what he will do or where he will sneak into the area, which ends up being a complete show made of football. With the pass to the ‘semis’, he was very excited, especially after having been chosen as the ‘MVP’ of the return.

Immediately afterwards, he told ‘ESPN’ that “I’m staying at PSG, lThe extension of the contract with PSG is no longer an issue. Obviously, I feel very comfortable and at home here at PSG. I feel happier than before ”. At the same time, from the Parisian team they accepted some of their conditions, such as maintaining their salary of more than 35 million a year but, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, president of the club, also dropped that something was probably not right regarding the continuity of his stars.

The Qatari pointed out that “we have built a team to win all the tournaments, they have no excuse to leave, we have everything to win all the titles “ And, knowing the mode of operation of Al-Khelaïfi, it is clear that, when he calls attention to his players, it is because something is happening.

In this sense, what would be the reasons why the president of the club has dropped that something is not quite right and Neymar does not finish signing his extension? The truth is that, as the player himself has revealed, wants to play with Leo messi and the Argentine has a leading role in whether or not he stays in the French capital.

The Messi factor

By accounts, salaries and other reasons, Leo Messi is further away from PSG than he was announced a few months ago from France. And there may be the key to Neymar’s renewal. The newspaper ‘Sport’ recalls that, although the forward has agreed to extend his agreement until 2026, He does not finish ‘polishing’ the details to stamp his signature and that, those ‘details’ would be totally related to ‘La Pulga’ and the conviction of ‘Ney’ in returning to play with his friend and former partner.

In any of the cases, the situation is more than complicated, because his return to the Camp Nou looks impossible and that is how PSG has been in charge of achieving it. Its sale price, salary, in the face of the hard economic crisis that the FC Barcelona they turn into a mixture of water and oil, so we will have to wait how ‘Ney’ handles his desire to play with Messi.

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