NH Nonghyup, Woori Bank, abolition or reduction of preferential loan interest rates to strengthen household loan management by financial authorities

As financial authorities continue to strengthen household loan management, banks are reducing or eliminating preferential rates for some loan products.

According to the financial industry on the 24th, NH Nonghyup abolished the preferential interest rate on credit loans (up to 0.3%) on the 22nd, which gives benefits according to transaction performance. Instead, a 0.1% preferential rate was newly established for small business consulting firms.

An NH Nonghyup official explained, “This is a measure to be implemented in terms of new loan management.”

Woori Bank decided to reduce the preferential interest rate for real estate-secured loans from the 27th.

The maximum preferential interest rate for apartment mortgage loans will be changed from 0.5% to 0.3%, which is 0.2%p lower.

The preferential interest rate (up to 0.3%) for mortgage loans for residential officetels and fixed monthly payments will disappear altogether. However, in the case of a fixed monthly payment loan, an additional 0.1% preferential treatment for low-income end users is maintained.

The reduced interest rate items applied to real estate mortgage loan products will also be significantly reduced.

Woori Bank provides preferential rates (0.1%p) according to six items, including salary and pension transfers, automatic transfer of utility bills and administrative expenses, new subscription to subscription savings, credit card use, deposit-type savings and subscription savings, and Wonderland interest rate preferential coupons. abolish

Preferential interest rates (0.3%~0.7%) for three other household loan products, such as reverse tax support mortgage loan, Woori Green Remodeling Loan, and Woori Interior Loan, and preferential interest rate for Woori WON Housing Loan, a non-face-to-face real estate collateral loan product (0.4%) was also abolished, and the interest rate was consequently raised.

Reporter Kim Ji-eun

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