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Huaxin nickel prices surge

Huaxin (1605) raised international nickel prices to a new high in nearly 11 years due to the rising conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and raised the price of stainless steel in March. Although the five sold 2,579 copies, the buying force was strong. It ended up 0.15 yuan to close at 27.90 yuan. The upper file will face selling pressure above the 5-day moving average of 29.30 yuan.

Last year, the price and volume of the three major businesses of cable, stainless steel and resources increased, and the US solar energy and reinvestment made a lot of profit. Last year, the net profit after tax was 14.643 billion yuan, and the EPS reached a new high of 4.27 yuan. Changes in the international economic situation this year have led to unstable supply chains and rising nickel prices. Huaxin is cautiously optimistic about the profits of stainless steel and resources business this year.

(Industry and Commerce Bulletin Miyuki Shen)

Dacheng Steel’s transaction volume rose sharply

Dacheng Steel (2027) benefited from the continuous promotion of US$1.2 trillion in infrastructure construction in the United States. The booming product demand and rising prices inspired the stock price performance last Friday. The final price rose by 2.4 yuan and closed at 52.4 yuan with a trading volume of 53,346 contracts. Market outlook It is worth looking forward to. Foreign investors bought more than 8,439 copies last Friday, accumulatively buying more than 18,398 copies in the past five days, with a shareholding ratio of 16.44%.

In the first three quarters of last year, the net profit after tax was 6.807 billion yuan, and the EPS was 4.18 yuan. At present, due to the strong demand in the US market, Dacheng Steel’s supply is booming. Among them, the monthly sales of stainless steel products has risen to 15,000 metric tons, and the monthly sales of steel and aluminum coils have also remained at 25,000 metric tons. In addition, the local market price in the United States is still high. , to increase the sports performance of this year’s camp.

(Lin Xianxiang of Business Times)

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