Nicknamed the “Ottomans Tree” in Turkey..a giant tree over 6 centuries old and among the oldest in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– The state of Bursa in Turkey is an exciting destination for history lovers, as it is the incubator of various religious, cultural and historical monuments, as it was the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, according to the official website of the Turkish Anatolia News Agency.

As for the most prominent landmarks in Bursa, it is represented by a perennial “Inkaya” tree that witnessed many historical events (Watch the video above.)

One of the oldest trees in the world

“Inkaya” is considered a very large tree in the northwestern Turkish state of Bursa, and it is one of the oldest perennial trees in the world, according to Raed Yunus, the marketing director of the travel company, Raed Yunus, in an interview with CNN in Arabic.

Yunus said: “Inkaya is known as the perennial tree, as well as by many names and titles, such as the historical tree and the Ottoman tree, as it is likely that the history of its cultivation dates back to the time of the Ottoman era.”

The age of the perennial tree exceeds nearly 600 years, and it bears witness to many historical events, the most important of which is the opening of Bursa, making it the capital of the Ottoman Empire, in addition to the launch of several conquests to expand the Ottoman Empire.

The tree is 37 meters high and has large branches each the size of a tree.

Iron pillars were installed carrying some huge branches because of their heavy weight, and for fear of breaking them and falling to the ground.

The shade of the charming tree covers nearly 1,000 square metres.

Economic engine for the people of the region

Anadolu Agency indicated that the giant “Inkaya” tree receives thousands of local and foreign visitors every year, which makes it an economic engine for the region’s residents.

Younis said that visitors flock to the tree to “sit in its shade during the summer, and enjoy the cool, breezy weather due to its high position, as well as to enjoy what the cafes surrounding the tree have to offer.”

Uludag Mountain is one of the nearby tourist places that can also be visited when visiting the perennial tree.

One can also experience riding the cable car to the mountain, skiing in the winter, and visit the Ottoman village, and the “Saeedabad” waterfalls as well.

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