Nicolás Oyarzún: Jean Philippe Cretton revealed that he is getting married

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 2/7/2022 · 12:19 hs

Nicholas Oyarzun is the name of an actor from Viña del Mar, who on the television screen faced different characters from TV series. Likewise, he also ventured into the cinema with the movie “Heroes” in 2007.

The last acting work of Nicholas Oyarzun It was his role as Fabián in the series “Amar Profundo”, a proposal that captivated the entire public and became one of the most watched in Chile.

In addition to acting, the famous man has a great attachment to music and does not hesitate to express it through his stories and Instagram posts, where we can see how he plays songs with his guitar. In fact, this hobby is something he has in common with Jean-Philippe Cretton.

Recently, a very important event brought them together: they both met in the same place and shared a pleasant day. But on this occasion, the former host of “Minuto para Ganar” unexpectedly gave an incredible warning about the singer’s emotional situation.

In the middle of the meeting, the face of “PH” took his cell phone and began to film himself while he reported that he was in the “surprise marriage for Nico“, focusing on the perplexed Oyarzun who emitted some contagious laughter about it.

You are going to marry a person you don’t know“Continues the famous joke. Following the sequence, Nicolás, tempted, explains whose wedding it is and what they went to do on that site.

They just participated in a civil union, but from someone you can’t imagine. The parents of Nicolás Paso, a mutual friend of the starscelebrated after 43 years of waiting.

Nicholas OyarzunAt the moment, he has no news of upcoming nuptials, only those attributed to the mischief of his colleague in a moment of great joy and emotions.

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