Nicolette van Dam in tears from the loss of a dog: ‘So much love’

“Our dear Lucky is no longer here,” Nicolette says. The 36-year-old couple had been sharing this emotional message ‘off for a few days’ because she ‘really had to give it another place’. “We miss him enormously,” she explains. Lucky unexpectedly developed a hernia, after which he became paralyzed. The animal was operated on urgently. But the “chance was 50/50 that he could ever run again.” Still, the van Dam family decided to go for it.

Nicolette and her family “kept hope for several weeks, but to no avail.” Lucky ‘couldn’t get the feeling back in his feet’. In addition, the dog became incontinent, Nicolette explains. ‘We saw him unhappy and he didn’t deserve it. With pain in our hearts we had to say goodbye. We are so grateful for what he has given us all in those 2.5 years. So much love and fun. Micky, the girls and we miss our buddy. ‘

The family is of course incomplete without Lucky, but Bas and Nicolette can enjoy their new additions. You can see all about it in the video below.

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