Nikita Mirzani Considered Insulting Prayer, The Response Is Spicy Pol – Controversial actress Nikita Mirzani back into the spotlight because it was considered insulting to prayer.

Nikita Mirzani is considered to have insulted the reading of the prayer after the video was widely circulated.

He was also reported to be reported to the police. However, Nikita actually gave a very scathing reply.

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The mother-of-three satirized those who cut and shared her videos.

“Those people don’t have work,” said Nikita Mirzani after the recent launch of Opra Entertainment’s new program.

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He also asked the people not to do strange things.

“If you know that we don’t have money in our lives, don’t do strange things,” said Nikita.

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According to Nikita, accusations that deviate from the facts will actually make him benefit.

Watch this video:


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