Nikita Mirzani Follows Young Lex Sindir Anya Geraldine Got Star Syndrome

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Dispute between Young Lex with selebgram Anya Geraldine got a response from Nikita Mirzani. Nikita, who is known to have a friendship with the rapper, asked Young Lex to be patient.

Patience @ young_lex18,“Nikita Mirzani said on Instagram Stories on Tuesday (12/1/2021).

Even this mother of three children also teased Anya about it star syndrome. Like Young Lex, who previously said that Anya had forgotten her past after becoming a famous celebrity.

People like that when starsindrom. Try to tell it to see the original,“continued Nikita Mirzani.

Previously, Young Lex expressed his heart and frustration with the woman whose real name was Nur Amalia on his Instagram Stories. Young Lex feels that now Anya is very difficult to contact.

Dear Nur Amalia Hayati, can you chat back and pick up my phone? How come it’s so hard to contact?“wrote Young Lex on Instagram Stories on Monday (11/1) night.

Young Lex also said that now Anya has forgotten about herself, who was once in the same management after Anya made her popularity.

Are you on the rise again? Did you forget everything?” ucap Young Lex.

Not only on Instagram Stories, young Lex also had time to write comments on Anya Geraldine’s last Instagram upload. But there was no response from Anya for Young Lex’s comments.

Can you pick up the phone and reply to my chat? thank you,” kata Young Lex.

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