Nine-year-old girl dies three days after being diagnosed with COVID-19 – International

Last Tuesday, February 2, the little Makenzie Gongora, she lost her life in her sleep and just three days after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to her aunt Vikkie Southworth through a crowdfounding in order to pay for funeral expenses, “On Friday, January 29, Makenzie tested positive for coronavirus after having a severe headache with vomiting“.

He added that “it seemed that he was recovering during the weekend, with waves of symptoms that came and went. However, our beautiful girl passed away on Tuesday in her sleep. “

“We suspect that his death is related to COVID as we cannot find out what else could have caused it, but we won’t know until we get the medical examiner’s reportSouthworth said.

Faced with the symptoms, Makenzie’s mother took her to the Brooke Medical Center, where they performed a test for COVID, another for streptococci and another for influenza, giving only the coronavirus test positive.

According to aunt told the middle Today, “Kenzie had no respiratory problems.”

He further added that “the doctors told my sister-in-law to take her home and make her comfortable, to control the fever and that if the symptoms worsened to take her back to the hospital. He had no trouble breathing or anything like that. “

Makenzie’s family is made up of her mother Kristle who works in the health area, her father Nathan who is in the military and her younger sister Sophie, who were “best friends,” according to the family.

The aunt further noted that “to add more pain, the day we lost Makenzie was also Nathan’s birthday. “



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