Nintendo cracks down on those who post Switch game images on Steam

Nintendo is taking action against players who post exclusive Nintendo Switch video game images that come from illegal copies run via emulators. Like so many other great releases from the Big N, Scarlet and Purple Pokmon They were leaked a few days before their official commercialization on November 18 and some users shared multiple images not without authorization through a website known as SteamGridDBwhich allows users of the Valve platform to upload custom images of games to display in their library.

As reported from Nintendo Life, the Japanese company is relentlessly sending copyright claims to all those users who are posting images of their video games on Steam. These claims have been made to knock down the publications related to the new deliveries of Pokmonin addition to Splatoon 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Super Mario Odyssey y The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It should be noted that this is just one of the many measures that the company has been taking for some time to mitigate as far as possible the emulacin of Switch titles on PC and portable devices such as Steam Deck or others.

How is the new Pokémon?

Scarlet and Purple Pokmon They are the best editions of the saga in many years, and without a doubt, the most revolutionary since the first Game Boy installments. The open world is brilliantly designed, always leading us to explore, entertain ourselves along the way, and it’s a joy to ride our mounted Pokémon. This opening is accompanied by a change in the game structure that allows everyone to live the adventure as they please and complete the challenges in the order they prefer. The novelties around the breeding of Pokémon are a success that will bring competitive play to many more players. Teracrystallization revolutionizes combat and team composition, and the search for teracrystallized Pokémon and teraincursions, now much more fun, give a lot of play, especially in multiplayer”, we concluded in our analysis.

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