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The Nintendo Switch was released on March 3, 2017 and continues to sell extremely well. At the time of soon to celebrate its fourth candle, many rumors and hopes are surfacing as to what would be baptized “the Nintendo Switch Pro”. If this does not seem to be in Big N’s current plans according to its CEO, is the possibility definitely ruled out of seeing a Switch 2.0 appear in the future?

Animal Crossing : New Horizons is preparing to make history in Japan, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to be the leading title in sales, and Mario is preparing to return from the Wii U with a new version via Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. This is the current situation of this console that is the Nintendo Switch.

The console of the Japanese firm is approaching four years of existence, and has so far only given rise to substantial changes from its initial version, in terms of technical characteristics, or even a “light” version in the quality of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Expectations thus begin to be felt with what some call “la Nintendo Switch Pro”, the “Nintendo Switch 4K”, and other names.


Ken Bogard looks back on déclarations de Shuntaro Furukawa, current president of Nintendo.

On the basis of these words, no new Nintendo Switch model announcement to be expected until the two recently announced limited editions of the console have sold out. We are talking about the version in the colors of Mario, to appear February 12 when leaving Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, but also editing Monster Hunter Rise, already available for pre-order.

This indication gives a new horizon to anticipate announcements on the hardware side, corresponding to the release of said opus Monster Hunter on March 26, 2021. In other words, it would be from the month of April that the beautiful days and the novelties could point the tip of their nose.

Nintendo Switch Limited Edition for Monster Hunter Rise


Necessarily, rumors are rife about the advanced features of this new version of the Nintendo Switch.

Big N would have signed a partnership with the company Inolux, specialized in mini-LED technology. A hybrid between the LCD and the OLED allowing a very precise backlighting of the panel, lower consumption, excellent brightness, marked contrasts, and an economic gain compared to AMOLED.

And what about la 4K? This famous rumor, which we told you about following the famous “Project Aula” mentioned by the SciresM dataminer, could be confirmed, but it should be clarified.

Indeed, this does not mean that the new version of the Nintendo Switch will be able to run games in 4K, or even that the titles will be designed for such a resolution, just that it will be able to display it.

Likewise, based on the current console, which relies on a chip Nvidia Tegra, we could see Nintendo look to more recent iterations of this technical foundation. An example is none other than the Shield TV Pro from this same manufacturer, also welcoming the possibility of displaying 4K, and including new versions of the chips Tegra.

La Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro may not be what you think


In the history of Nintendo, in particular its portable consoles, the philosophy is not to offer drastically improved versions. The only exception to this rule was the New Nintendo 3DS, released around 2014-2015 depending on the region.

A bitter failure according to Ken Bogard because of the distinction created within the catalog, with games “exclusive” to the new version.

Also from experience, the greediness of processors where the trend has often been to reduce to gain battery length. A phenomenon seen on generations of portable consoles with the GameBoy Advance SP, for example, but also on developments through home consoles.

La GameBoy Advance SP

Nintendo Switch Pro may not be what you think


We should therefore not expect a revolutionary new version of the Nintendo Switch, but a probable slightly updated version. This will be intended to accommodate games already released on the console without diversifying the future offer of Big N.

The item to be confirmed remains, however, the famous Joy-Con. These controllers which have certainly allowed the novelty of the concept of the Switch, are also at the heart of scandals like that of the “Joy-Con Drift”. It is thus possible to expect new versions of these., without official confirmation for the moment.

The famous Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch Pro may not be what you think

Here is all the information and trends that are currently given to us on this possible Nintendo Switch 2.0. We should not expect a revolution, but a welcome refreshment after already 4 years of good and loyal service. We just hope that if “New” Nintendo Switch there is, we will not experience the shortage that the PS5 and the Xbox Series are suffering from right now!

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