Nirina Zubir A Month Is More Positive For COVID-19, These Are The Vitamins That Are Taken When Isoman


Actress Nirina Zubir until now he is still fighting against the COVID-19 that is in his body. It has been a month since Nirina Zubir was isolated and still tested positive for COVID-19. This 40-year-old woman revealed her condition during isolation.

First, Nirina’s sense of smell and taste has improved compared to before, although the on and off alias appears lost. In the early days she was confirmed positive for COVID-19, Nirina could not feel and smell anything at all. Including, when he eats instant noodles.

“Just instant noodles, it only feels like a second. The rest is like warm food,” said Nirina Zubir.

As a result, with his current condition he is happy again even though his smell and taste are slowly improving. During the COVID-19, Nirina Zubir said that she did not have a cough. Instead, he felt his phlegm stuck in his throat.

“So you don’t have a cough, but there is a spit (phlegm). In the end, the reaction makes Na catch a cough,” said Nirina Zubir.

In addition to improving the smell, Nirina also admitted that she had diarrhea, body pain during independent isolation, to severe dizziness.

“Dizziness is like a common cold, but this is threefold. It feels like a prickling, the eyes want to come out. If the body is aching, it feels (too) like a prickling,” he said.

Regarding food, Nirina Zubir always has two mainstay menus, namely soup and rice. Those two menus are mandatory menus during his independent isolation until now, Mother. The reason is for health and easier for the body to digest.

Nirina also shows the vitamins she has been consuming recently. The number has now decreased to six. Previously he took a handful of vitamin supplements, Bunda.

“So this is vitamin C, this is zinc, this is vitamin B, this is Black Seed, this is vitamin E, if this is pure olive oil,” he said.

Interestingly, it turned out before it was hit COVID-19, Nirina Zubir did not want to touch any vitamins or supplements. For him, at that time, who liked to exercise, that vitamins or supplements were medicine.

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Artist who survives COVID-19 / Photo: HaiBunda / Mia Kurnia Sari

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