Nissan No Ar: do you know how Nissan cars are developed to run in Brazil?

2023-05-25 20:03:48

Rio de Janeiro – The Nissan model you drive or have driven has gone through a series of preparations and developments before it reaches the owner’s hands. And do you know what the brand’s engineering in Brazil considers and does so that the silent and comfortable ride and the good dynamic performance are as close as desired by the buyer? Then watch – and also listen to – the sixth episode of Nissan No Arthe Nissan podcast.

In this program, Nissan’s senior engineering manager, Ricardo Abe, tells how the brand researches, develops and tests each vehicle sold in the Brazilian and South American markets, whether manufactured in Brazil or imported. A conversation filled with information that few know.

The third season of the Nissan No Ar podcast premiered in March with news. Among them are renewed themes, more interviews and the incorporation of video recordings in some episodes.

The format that aggregates images adds to the traditional podcast, audio, so that the listener can choose how to get in touch with what experts in technology, innovation, electromobility, trends, among others, have to say. To see and hear anytime, anywhere.

Buckle up and enjoy, as each episode features a new discovery!

To listen anytime, anywhere on Spotify e Nissan official YouTube.


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