Nisyros: 11 complaints against the antiquities guard for neglect of minors – They relate to incidents in the last four years 2024-04-24 01:26:34

Already the parents of six children have filed complaints and given statements, while five more are in progress. Also, the children proceed to make statements after being examined by a psychologist at the Rhodes Hospital.

It should be noted that the case came to the public after a complaint by the father of a 10-year-old child, while the parents of the students who also protested outside the Nisyros police station, as they told ERT South Aegean, are said to be determined to fight for justice.

All complaints relate to incidents of sexual indecency that occurred in the last four years.

Following the complaints, the 50-year-old, who also served as an agent in a children’s football team, has been suspended from his duties, while an administrative investigation was ordered against him.

The 63-year-old guard of the museum in Nisyros, who is accused of showing pornographic material to a 10-year-old, is facing allegations of indecency.

The first to break his silence was a 10-year-old student. Immediately after, the tangle of what was happening in Nisyros began to unravel and mouths opened.

According to a new complaint by the mother of a minor to MEGA:

“My child came on Monday afternoon, he had already taken the matter to a different level, so he says ‘I want to talk to you, it’s about me too.’ He goes up to the room, comes down and shows us some condoms. We tell him ‘what are these’. My son is a player in the team, 14.5 years old and in the last match they had, he had attracted him to the port of Rhodes and given them to him. He told us that he has invited him to his house. She has shown him all these toys she has, suggested he go try them out. She would often find an excuse for him to go, supposedly ‘come let me give you something’ and go and eventually give him condoms. Since last summer, this whole story has been happening with the whole group of children, because today more than seven children will testify.”

“I had no idea. The only thing that had happened last year just before school started, were some children, whom he wanted to take on a day trip. He was ‘unruffled’, he was the wonderful, good-natured man. He was coming up with something sly. I thought he was slimy. He was not my child among the children with substances. Mine was only with the sex objects. He has given to some children from the company. Our child told us that there were also cameras in the toilet. Also, that he had made it like a love nest. So he was telling the guys ‘bring your girl, I’ll give you the key’. There are people who help him and cover for him, who have hidden his items. Sunday and Monday they had him at their homes. They came out themselves and told us ‘you’ll see what happens. The … has backs. You don’t know what’s behind it. We will demolish you”, he adds.

For her part, a relative of another victim, emphasizes:

“I, as a relative of the victim, when I found out what was happening, I was in a state of shock, as you know our family has a big impact and the families who came out to speak. We must all be strong and united. My relative is a small child and has started to be aloof, not wanting to talk, afraid. His demeanor completely changed after what we learned. He told us that he not only showed pornographic material, but also walked around the house naked and showed sex toys along with videos. When he tried to touch him, my relative got up and left and never spoke about it again and now that everything has come out, because he got scared, he told us everything. He is a 13-year-old boy.”

“Kids were afraid to talk for so long or they didn’t pay attention. We are waiting for the children to tell us what happened. I have heard from various people that there was a lot of help for this defendant who does not deserve to be out. We’re only concerned with what we’re going to do to get him to jail. We are all united”, he adds.

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