‘No entry except for related parties’ Mimi, “I love the smell of money” when entering the Korea Mint Corporation

2023-06-15 08:49:01

picture explanationMimi. Photo lSBS

‘No entry except for those involved’ Mimi possesses the beauty burglar in ‘The House of Paper’ and tries a bold beautician at the Korea Mint Corporation.

The SBS current affairs program ‘No entry except those involved’ is a program that unlocks the story of the forbidden area shrouded in the unknown by receiving a pass for one day and entering a restricted area that outsiders cannot approach or look into. In the broadcast on the 15th, Kim Jong-guk, Yang Se-hyung, Lee Yi-kyung, and Mimi will enter Korea Mint Corporation, the only currency manufacturing and supplying institution in Korea, to unseal all money.

During the filming of the Korea Mint Corporation, the four people parodied the global box office drama ‘The House of Paper’, which depicted the story of a band of robbers occupying the Spanish Mint.

Mimi, who parodied ‘Tokyo’ of a double gang of robbers and transformed into ‘Jeju’, a beautiful robber specializing in demolition, said, “Money is the best thing in the world. I’m fooled by my foolishness. People think I’m naive, but I know everything. I will seduce everyone with money,” she said, making her laugh with her immersion in the setting. In reality, she is beautiful. She met the official in charge of entry and exit of the Korea Mint Corporation. is the backstory.

On the other hand, Mimi, who entered the Korea Mint Corporation on this day, reacted from Danjeon to the feast of money unfolding in front of her eyes. In particular, as soon as Mimi smelled the strong smell of money upon entering her printing building, she exclaimed, “It smells like money! It’s so good,” she said, bringing a smile to her face. She also met the official who personally designed the Shin Saimdang portrait on the 50,000 won bill, and received the original Shin Saimdang painting to be released for the first time on air. ”, she said, unable to keep her mouth shut at the elaborate workmanship of the portrait.

As a result, expectations rise vertically for this broadcast of ‘No Entry to Personnel – Korea Mint Corporation Edition’, where the mysterious world of money that made Mimi so excited will be sealed.

‘No entry except for those involved’, which unseals the story of the forbidden area, will be broadcast at 9:00 pm on the 15th.

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