No nationwide upper limit for private celebrations

Band and the federal states have agreed on a number of measures to slow the spread of the coronvirus again in view of the increasing number of infections. This is the result of hours of video switching between the federal government and the prime ministers of the federal states. At the same time, it was not possible to agree nationwide on the upper limits for the number of participants in the controversial celebrations among family and friends.

“A lot has been possible, but we can see where we have to be vigilant,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) at a press conference following the deliberations in Berlin on Thursday.

The federal and state governments agreed – with the exception of Saxony-Anhalt – on a minimum fine of 50 euros for people who violate the mask requirement. The federal and state transport ministers should also examine how an increased transport fee for buses and trains can be levied.

Merkel announced that free corona tests for travelers returning from non-risk areas will expire at the end of the summer holidays on September 15, given the very low rate of infected people among them. The German citizens called on Merkel to refrain from traveling in risk areas whenever possible. People who violate their quarantine obligations should expect sensitive fines in the future.

With a view to the additional protective measures in daycare centers and schools, Merkel announced that in future each parent should be allowed five additional paid child sick days.

Major events at which the course of infection cannot be traced will remain closed to visitors until at least the end of October.

When it came to the controversial celebrations among family and friends, the Chancellor left it with an appeal. Citizens are asked to weigh critically in each individual case whether, how and to what extent private celebrations are necessary and justifiable. Merkel indicated that the views of the federal states were clearly far apart on this point. There was no agreement on an upper limit.


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