No one should rush into marriage after making a mistake in marriage: Shikhar Dhawan

Mumbai: Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan opened up about the problems in his family life. The actor revealed about the marriage almost a year after ending his life with wife Aisha Mukherjee. In an interview to a national media, Dhawan said that his decisions regarding marriage relationship were wrong.

“I don’t mean to blame anyone. The final decision is up to each individual. Lack of knowledge about married life is the cause of failure. Divorce case is going on. If I have to go to another wedding tomorrow, I will take decisions with a little more care.”- revealed Dhawan.

“When going into relationships, young people should realize that they enjoy the moments with their partner. Don’t rush into marriage with emotional decisions. Now I know what kind of girl should come into my life.”- Shikhar Dhawan clarified.

Aisha Mukherjee and Shikhar Dhawan got married in 2012. Aisha was a kick boxer in Melbourne, Australia. Aisha, who was 12 years older than Dhawan, has two daughters from her first marriage. Aisha and Dhawan started living separately in September 2021.

English Summary: Shikhar Dhawan breaks silence on his separation from wife Aesha

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