No, the Macron did not go to Fort Brégançon in full containment

Did Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron spend the weekend at the Fort de Brégançon, as several publications claim, published on Saturday April 4 and Sunday April 5, having been widely disseminated on social networks?

What the rumors say:

One example among others:

“Barely arrived at the Fort de Brégançon for his official fortnight’s journey, President Macronescu [sic] reminds the French that it is strictly forbidden to go on vacation during confinement, which should make confinement of Madame less difficult.

For the people, confinement, no chloroquine, they will have to work 60 hours a week to be paid at 35 hours, then for the residents of the Ehpad, who cost a crazy money by producing nothing, it is euthanasia at Rivotril. “

Why it’s wrong

According to “sources” – so to speak – the Macron couple spent either a weekend or a ” trip ” of fifteen days in the residence of the presidents of the Republic, in the Var.

In all cases, the photos or videos are authentic, but date back several months or years:

  • the photo which accompanies the majority of these publications was taken during a stay of the Macron in Brégançon in August 2019. They had welcomed the Russian president there, Vladimir Poutine, as reported then The Parisian ;
  • in other publications, it is a video which is supposed to provide proof of this stay. Aggregated in a feed from the Orange portal, the video, that of a BFM-TV journalist live from Brégançon, actually dates from August 2018.

Joined by The world, the Elysee Palace denied this ” false information “ and assured that the president was in Paris on Saturday April 4 and Sunday April 5.

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